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This blog is written and maintained by Katy Simpson and Laura Patsko.
KS_2016_sq.jpgKaty is a teacher and materials writer with an MA in English Language. She was previously based in the UAE and is now teaching in Chiang Mai, in Thailand. She is particularly interested in designing materials to support teachers whose students need to communicate in an ELF context.

She blogs at and tweets as @KatyELT.


LP_2016_sq2.jpgLaura is an ELT research manager and former teacher/teacher trainer with a BA in Linguistics and an MA in ELT & Applied Linguistics.  She is particularly interested in the use of English as a lingua franca, teaching pronunciation and investigating the practical applications of linguistic research.  She is Sub-editor of Speak Out!, the journal of the IATEFL PronSIG.

She blogs at and tweets as @lauraahaha.


You can contact us below:


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