Training videos

This is a full archive of all the explanatory/training videos we’ve produced, plus video footage of some of our presentations and interviews. We hope you find them insightful and instructive.

To help you navigate, we’ve grouped the videos by topic and noted how long each one is.

Please feel free to send us any comments or questions.

How to teach pronunciation from an ELF perspective?

  1. A 10-minute mini-presentation on who ‘owns’ the English language
  2. British Council Seminar (50 minutes, divided into shorter ‘chapters’): Practical Ideas for Teaching Pronunciation and Listening in an ELF Context
  3. 15-minute interview with Katy Simpson for the British Council English Agenda podcast (audio only)
  4. 5-minute interview for ELTABB (the English Language Teachers’ Association Berlin-Brandenburg)
  5. 6-minute interview with Professor Jennifer Jenkins, introducing ELF, the Lingua Franca Core, and multilingualism

How to teach pronunciation (in general)?

  1. A 10-minute mini-presentation on the basics of teaching pronunciation – why to teach it, how to teach it, and who should teach (and learn) it
  2. Integrating pronunciation work with a coursebook-led syllabus (35 minutes)

Teaching techniques and activities – our demonstrations of ELF-informed pedagogy

  1. Doing an ELF-informed pronunciation needs analysis with a multilingual group (16 minutes)
  2. “Borrowing” (using the learner’s first language to help them with an English sound):
  3. A 5-step lesson to help learners understand different accents of English (57 minutes)
  4. Teaching pronunciation for ELF – focus on Brazilian Portuguese speakers (ABCI 2016 conference plenary, 49 minutes)

ELF in teacher training – presentations of our research

  1. Using the Lingua Franca Core to promote students’ mutual intelligibility in the multilingual classroom: 5 teachers’ experiences (20 minutes)
  2. Introducing ELF into a pre-service teacher training course: A case study (16 minutes)


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