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Last updated 17 September 2019.

Your students need to use English with people from around the world. Your students need help with their pronunciation, to speak clearly in an international context. Your students need to develop their listening skills, to understand a wide range of accents. You want to teach lessons which address these needs. Where can you find suitable materials and activities? Where can you find inspiration for your own context?

Here, on ELFpron.

We aim to bridge theory and practice, to address two fundamental questions: Who are our students most likely to use English with? How can we help them to communicate successfully? Here, you’ll find a wide range of lesson plans, classroom resources and teacher training videos, all designed to support English language teachers whose students use English as a Lingua Franca (ELF).

You’ll find more information about the research which informs our pedagogical approach, plus training videos and interviews, via the menus.


Katy and Laura