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If you’re looking for resources to use in class, for example to acquaint your students with the concept of ELF or expose them to a wider range of accents than those typically represented in ELT coursebooks, look no further!  Here is a shortlist of our favourite links and resources.

(Or, if you’re looking for more academic reading/theory/research on ELF, click here.)

You may also be interested in reading our ebook, How to Write Pronunciation Activities (2018).

Introductions to ELF

If you/your students are not that familiar with the concept of ELF, here‘s a nice, straightforward introduction, in the form of an interview with ELF pioneer Jennifer Jenkins (complete with comprehension tasks!).

There’s also a brief video by Vicki Hollett here, relating ELF to the world of Business English.

Or, if you prefer to read rather than watch/listen, here‘s a handout by Penny Ur from the TESOL France 2009 conference.

Introductions to pronunciation and listening in an ELF context

In addition to our own resources throughout this blog and our presentation on ELF pronunciation at the British Council in June 2014 (video here), we’d encourage you to check out the following resources by Robin Walker:

Walker, R. (2001). ‘Pronunciation for international intelligibility’. English Teaching Professional 21.  Retrieved 22 Dec 2011 from

Walker, R. (2010). Teaching the pronunciation of English as a Lingua Franca. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Developments in ELF and language education

Nicos Sifakis of the Hellenic Open University (Greece) has created, and frequently adds to, this excellent collection of interesting papers and materials related to the description of English as an international lingua franca, with an emphasis on teaching, learning, assessment, curriculum design, implementation and evaluation, and teacher education.

Online resources for audio recordings representing various accents of English

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