Thank you, Brighton!


Thanks to those who attended Laura’s workshop at the ETp Live! conference in Brighton this weekend (20 June 2015). Here, you’ll find links to her presentation slides and handouts.Laura presenting at ETp Live

Workshop: English as a Lingua Franca and the Multilingual Classroom

  • View the slides here.
  • Download the overall session handout here.
  • Download the LFC grid here and accompanying teacher’s notes here (remember to print on A3 paper!).
  • Download here the real notes which students took during this dictation activity.
  • Download here the feedback I gave these students.

Useful links to topics mentioned in the workshop

  • If you picked up a copy of the LFC grid, you may find these instructions and illustration of how to use it useful.
  • The grid is based on the LFC (Lingua Franca Core), which we explain here.
  • Here is a full description, with examples, of how to do a student-student dictation in a multilingual class.



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