Can nNESTs also be good pronunciation teachers? by Laura Patsko and Katy Simpson


What are the implications of ELF for the wider ELT industry? Here are a few thoughts on this topic in an article we wrote for the TEFL Equity Advocates site.

TEFL Equity Advocates

Katy Simpson Katy Simpson

Laura Patsko Laura Patsko

Katy Simpson and Laura Patsko have spoken at numerous conferences about their classroom experiences related to the pronunciation of English as a Lingua Franca, and presented for the British Council Seminar Series on the topic. They co-author the blog ELF Pron and tweet via @ELF_pron. Katy is a teacher and materials writer with an MA in English Language, based in Chiang Mai, in Thailand. Laura is a senior teacher and teacher trainer with an MA in ELT & Applied Linguistics, and sub-editor of Speak Out!, the newsletter of

IATEFL’s Pronunciation Special Interest Group.

Many learners of English today do not want or need to use English with people whose first language (L1) is English. They are more likely to use English in situations where nobody shares an L1 (e.g. a native speaker of French using English to communicate with a native speaker of Japanese). In this…

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